About Thai Diner

At Thai Diner, we prepare all our dishes with the same philosophy at heart. We take great pride in presenting our carefully selected items and hope you will let our humble Thai Diner team invite you to the unforgettable experience in Thai cuisine.

Thai cooking is an art form, a topic of conversation, and a source of pleasure. And most importantly, it's a vital reason for family and friends to gather. With such an eclectic role in society, Thai cooking carries its philosophy well beyond its primary function as a simple meal. In fact, a proper Thai meal is meant to be an adventure in color, taste, and texture. It is designed to stimulate and excite all senses by carefully balancing different herbs, spices, sauces, and other unique ingredients in its presentation.

All dishes are made to order with your choice of vegetarian (with or without tofu), chicken, or pork.  We serve frank steak as our choice cut of beef, pork tenderloin as our choice cut of pork, and lean all-white meat chicken breast.  Vegetarian options are available for all items.
All dishes can be made mild, medium, hot, or, for the most adventurous,
"Thai hot."

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